What are the advantages of the Real Estate Management Company?

Apart from the attention to which you must submit for the opening and the costs to be incurred, you must consider the  advantages  you can benefit from through the real estate company. Advantages not indifferent in light of the numerous entrepreneurial risks to which you are exposed on a daily basis real estate transaction management software.

First of all, through this company, the protection of the family’s assets is absolutely guaranteed   (an activity that many entrepreneurs ignore by making a big mistake). With this company, the property remains firmly protected from possible attacks. Therefore, only the share you have within the company will be affected, and not the mobile itself.

With a view to  generational handover  , transferring properties through companies is cheaper than the transfer costs to be attributed to private individuals. And this is because a “piece” of the company that holds the asset and not the property itself is sold.

Through the real estate management company it is possible, in fact, to  be exempt from gift or inheritance tax  for descendants in a straight line or spouse. And that’s if the company has maintained control of the asset for 5 years.

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How to set up the Real Estate Management Company?

An opportunity to be carefully evaluated is that of real estate investments, as well as the entrepreneurial activity you already have. An evaluation not on its function of the company but on the type of  legal form  you have to give to this company.

Why is this? Because, the real estate management company can be  established  either through companies, in fact, of capital or of persons. But what is the  best choice  to protect the family’s assets and, at the same time, avoid paying as much tax as possible?

halving your tax burden  to ensure that you can only pay 1.2% of taxes and increase the liquidity to invest for your company;

protect your assets  (corporate and personal) from possible attacks by banks, creditors and tax authorities.

Efficiency becomes the watchword

The visits and appointments between owners and tenants are coordinated directly by the real estate agent, so that the entire negotiation is carried out according to adequate timing and precise efficiency standards.

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