Wide application of horizontal washing machine

With the quick advancement of building industry and glass producing, glass profound preparing industry has additionally grown widely. This article chiefly depicts the wide utilization of level glass clothes washer in the glass business. As the exceptional hardware applied in glass industry, glass clothes washers are utilized for cleaning and drying unique glass sheets. As indicated by cleaning technique, it very well may be recognized vertical glass washer vertical glass clothes washer and level glass washer. In light of the restriction of glass size and vertical underlying, at present vertical glass clothes washer is major utilized for delivering I.G. unit with aluminum spacer. The flat glass clothes washer, in spite of the fact that it takes more regions, has been applied in more broad fields due to its all the more high proficiency and brilliant construction. Presently we significantly present the wide use of flat glass clothes washer.

clothes washer

The cleaning interaction of level washer for standard glass is basic generally. The tanks can be feed with modern water without warming. Since the outside of glass has not been made any treatment, there is no unique prerequisite for the brushes on the may giat cong nghiep gia re. Simultaneously, there is likewise no too prohibitive prerequisite for water PH. About the air blade plan, we can receive ordinary primary yet should guarantee the breeze force can be changed. At the point when we clean the glass with thickness 3-19 mm, the plan of distance between rollers cannot be viewed as making excessively huge. As a rule, the industrial facility could utilize center or little clothes washer to do the cleaning and drying position for crude piece of conventional glass. For the creation of warm edge protecting glass with adaptable spacer, for example, duality or dorsal or super spacer, the cleaning necessities to the crude glass sheets are higher.

Administrators ought to guarantee the great cleaning and drying for surface to advantageously make the spacer holding for the accompanying advances, in the interim, staying away from surface scratch. For most created nations and regions on the planet, to make the whole warm edge I.G.U, an ever increasing number of plants receive flat clothes washer. This benevolent cleaning gear is made out of taking care of area, washing segment, drying segment and yield segment and in the washing segment, there are three tanks which highlight of cycling warming water with the reasonable PH 6-9, in the interim, the machine should be introduced with top notch elastic exchange rollers to keep away from glass scratching. What is more, architects should plan unique air blade structure applied in drying part of the washer, for example, next to each other numerous breeze cutting edge plan, and assurance the enough wind force and make it movable, as the best drying result, the air blower can blow hot air.


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